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  • Ashton

    Sigaren uit Dominicaans van Ashton

  • AVO
  • Arturo Fuente

    Sigaren uit Dominicaans van Arturo Fuente

  • Balmoral Dominican

    Balmoral, a brand since 1895, derived from the distinct Balmoral Castle in Scotland. In 1845, the English Prince Albert bought this castle for his wife, Queen Victoria. Ever since, it has been the Scottish residence for the British Royal Family. During the reign of Queen Victoria, the creation of tobacco products took to flight. The value that was assigned to virtue, worthiness, and craftsmanship are characterizing for the Victorian period. Factors that are still important in the manufacturing of Balmoral cigar selections. Balmoral Dominican Selection (short fillers) is a masterpiece with ingredients that include inspiration, expertise and top-quality tobaccos from the Caribbean region. Manufactured in the Dominican Republic with its ambience captured in the cigars: Passionate, exotic, unspoiled. The Dominican Selection offers mild, aromatic, accessible, unique, appealing and delicious cigars.

  • Cuesta Rey
  • Davidoff
  • Griffins
  • Don Diego

    This brand originated in 1964 in the Canary Island, but production was moved to the Dominican Republic in 1982.For decades, Don Diego cigars have been a solid, reliable cigar for cigar smokers who want a well made, smooth and mellow cigar at a fair price. Always consistent, flavorful and aromatic with silky, light-bronze U.S. Connecticut wrappers, each Don Diego offers a mild tobacco flavor using a smooth Dominican and Brazilian tobacco blend. Cigars have been made in Canary Island since the 1700’s, and the Canaries were also the first haven for the exiled Menendez and Garcia families (and many others) after the Cuban Revolution forced them to seek a new home. In fact, throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s after the embargo took effect, if you were looking for a fine imported smoke, you probably looked to a cigar that had been rolled in the Canary Islands. Montecruz, Don Diego and Flamenco were U.S. market leaders at that time. The Canary Islands shipped over 21 million premium cigars to the United States in 1977 alone, a total that was more than that of any other country.

  • El Credito
  • Nobel
  • King Edward
  • Kristoff
  • La Aurora
  • La Flor Dominicana

    La Flor Dominicana was founded in 1996 in Santiago, Dominican Republic under the direction of Litto and Ines Gomez. Our commitment to quality, consistency and customer service has placed our brand among the most prestigious premium cigar brands in the world. Over the years we have developed a portfolio of quality blends, shapes and sizes which fulfill the ever-changing needs of today cigar smokers. Our well known consistency is possible because we personally supervise every stage of our production; from the farming of our tobacco at our farm in La Canela, to the art of manufacturing in our modern factory. This vertical integration is our guarantee. Ines and I appreciate your support and partnership and would like you to know that we are always available to you, whether you have questions, comments, or concern. Please fell free to contact us. Litto and Ines Gomez

  • La Ribera

    Sigaren uit Dominicaans van La Ribera

  • Leon Jimenes
  • Macanudo
  • Puro Darte
  • Winston Churchill
  • Puros de Hostos
  • Quesada
    Sigaren uit de Dominicaanse Republiek van Quesada
  • Tatiana
  • VegaFina
  • A. Flores
  • Flores y Rodriguez
  • La Estancia
  • PDR
  • Perdomo
  • Rocky Patel
  • Zino
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