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Frequently Asked Questions

Cost of European shipments

To be sure your order arrives safely we have to use a high quality Courier Service. We ship to Germany, UK, Belgium and other west European countries including Scandinavian countries.

Payment by online credit card or off line credit card

You can pay by credit card by finishing your order online and select for payment the option offline credit card.  Then call us with your credit card details.

You can also pay by credit card online by selecting the option Paypal and then select credit card.



We often get compliments because of our service and products. Discounts we can not give. All prices of tobacco products are regulated by the Dutch Tobacco Law. For the Netherlands this means that the price of one specific tobacco product is everywhere the same. We are not allowed to give discounts on tobacco products or cross sell tobacco products with other products.


Shipments to the UK

We ship to the UK with a courier. In this case there is no tracking code available but we can get detailed information about the status of the shipment


Shipments to the USA

We can and do not ship to the USA frequently. Because of the USA Cuba embargo we do not ship Cuban cigars.


Safety of your personal data

We only store your name, address and contact data in our system to process your order. Credit card details are not stored.


Why do not all the cigars have a photograph?

We're working on it. It is just a lot of work.