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  • Hajenius
    <p>Established since 1826, the House of Hajenius is one of the eldest Dutch cigarhouses. Many consider the Hajenius cigars as the best Dutch cigars. The tobaccos used for Hajenius cigars come from the finest plantations of Java, Sumatra, Brazil and Cuba.</p>
  • Olifant
  • Van der Donk
  • Compaenen
    <p>We do no longer have the Compaenen brand in our shop. As a good alternative we suggest the brand Jacob van Meer.&nbsp;</p>
  • Justus van Maurik
  • Oud Kampen
  • Balmoral Sumatra
    <p>The tobaccos chosen for the Balmoral Sumatra Selection are distinguished by the elegant balance between the wrapper, binder leaf and filler. For the wrapper only the very best Sumatran sand leaf is used, which characterise all Balmoral Sumatra cigars.</p>
  • Huifkar
  • Jacob van Meer
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