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Premium cigars at your doorstep

Cigars-online (In Dutch Sigaren-Online) offers only the best cigars from South America and The Netherlands. Longfiller cigars are checked to comply with our high quality level and shipped from our Amsterdam locations. You can contact us by sending us a message or phone us: +31 20 670 5870

In The Netherlands pricing of cigars is regulated by the Dutch government. This means that we can not and will not give discounts. We also have to charge shipping and payment cost separately and return of goods is not possible (if you have a complaint about the quality of cigars please contact us).

If you have a Dutch bank account please use iDeal. It is by far the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to pay. German customers can use DIRECTebanking/SofortBanking. Belgium customers can use Mistercash. Both offer direct transactions without extra cost for you.

If you do not have a Dutch Bank account, you can pay by wire transfer or off-line credit card. Paypal does no longer accept payments to cigar shops that supply Cuban cigars.


Payment by wire transfer

Finish your order online and choose for payment option "Wire Transfer"
Bank Account details for wire transfer:

Name: Hartman Cigars
Address: Beethovenstraat 88 - Amsterdam - The Netherlands
Name: Hartman Cigars
Account: 5389233 (ING Bank)

Please, transfer the exact amount in euro's of your order. According to Dutch law cigars can not be sold for a higher or lower price as stated by the goverment. If your bank charges for her service you should take care that all services are paid by you. Don't forget to add the order number. You will receive an email from us when the amount is on our bank account.

Payment by credit card

Finish your order online and choose as payment option "Credit card offline".

Now there are two options:

- Call us one of the coming days (+31 20 6705770 between 9.00 and 18.00) and

   have you credit card and order number ready (not a debit card).

- Fax a copy of you order with your credit card details to +31 20 6705870 

We do not charge for the use of Visa and Mastercard credit cards. We only charge your credit card when your order is complete and at the day of shipping. Not before. You receive an e-mail from us to confirm your payment.



All orders are shipped within 7 working days after payment. We keep you informed about the processing of your order. All orders shipped outside the Netherlands have to be personally accepted by the addressee.

For delivery to the United Kingdom select on-line the delivery option "UK courier". The total delivery cost is EURO 30,-. For orders of 100,- or more the delivery cost is EURO 20,-.

For delivery to Germany and most other European Union countries select on-line the delivery option "Europe Parcel Service". The total delivery cost is EURO 20,-. For orders of 100,- or more to these countries the delivery cost is 9,91.

For delivery to Belgium select option "PostNL Europe Service". The total delivery cost is EURO 14,-. For orders of 100,- or more to these countries the delivery cost is EURO 4,-. Orders to Belgium are insured.


We don't take responsibility for orders that do not comply with your local custom regulations. Payments for orders and any other cost because of any customs related issue are not refundable. We do not ship Cuban cigars to the USA. 


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