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Balmoral Dominican

Balmoral, a brand since 1895, derived from the distinct Balmoral Castle in Scotland. In 1845, the English Prince Albert bought this castle for his wife, Queen Victoria. Ever since, it has been the Scottish residence for the British Royal Family. During the reign of Queen Victoria, the creation of tobacco products took to flight. The value that was assigned to virtue, worthiness, and craftsmanship are characterizing for the Victorian period. Factors that are still important in the manufacturing of Balmoral cigar selections. Balmoral Dominican Selection (short fillers) is a masterpiece with ingredients that include inspiration, expertise and top-quality tobaccos from the Caribbean region. Manufactured in the Dominican Republic with its ambience captured in the cigars: Passionate, exotic, unspoiled. The Dominican Selection offers mild, aromatic, accessible, unique, appealing and delicious cigars.

Balmoral Dominican

Balmoral Dominican


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